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Tehnička biblioteka

Megger-ova tehnička biblioteka omogućava pristup brojnim dodatnim sadržajima i resursima, kao što su tehnička uputstva, napomene o primenama i drugo. Upotrebite ove filtre kako biste potražili posebne sadržaje (npr. napomene o primenama) ili suzili izbor rezultata pretrage na određenu oblast primene u elektroenergetici.  


Da biste videli dostupne sadržaje o određenoj temi ili pronašli određeni softver, unesite uslov pretrage u nastavku. Imajte na umu da ćete, ako želite da pristupate određenim resursima, morati da napravite nalog.

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Motion test with EGIL200
Learn how to set up the EGIL200 for testing a motion measurement. This application note includes transducer example for relative measurement with common mechanism, with both analogue and digital types.
Objavljeno: 15 jun 2023
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Minimum pick up voltage test with EGIL200
Learn how to set up EGIL200 for test with minimum pick up voltage. The minimum pickup voltage test is made to check at what minimum voltage the circuit breaker operates.
Objavljeno: 15 jun 2023
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Contact resistance measurement of a circuit breaker with Mjölner 200-600, both sides grounded
This application note informs about how to perform a micro-ohmmeter test of breakers with both sides grounded. Valid for both Mjölner 200 and Mjölner 600
Objavljeno: 1 jun 2023
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Micro-ohmmeter testing with MOM2 / DLRO-H200 and inductive loads
Testing on circuit breakers having a current transformer in the loop
Objavljeno: 19 maj 2023
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Directional earth-fault protection - SVERKER 900
The fault current is set to 80mA tosimulatethe high current generated at the intermittent earth fault. The zero voltage is set to 20V;theconfiguration ismade in13 states.The fault states and the first two memory states are set to 20ms. The memory states havetimesselected togetthetrip as close to set time 1,2s as possible. In generator configuration,set U4gen to aux voltage DC.Set “Advanced mode” in SVERKER configuration.
Objavljeno: 28 april 2022
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Power quality brochure
Both natural and man-made drivers are spurring not only technological growth but are changing the nature of the electric grid. Concerns over global warming are only being compounded by the continuing billion dollar weather events. This is acting as a catalyst for the green reform and being realized in the growth of distributed generation (DG).
Objavljeno: 16 mart 2021
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Case study: NB DFR on HV CVTs
Reducing the risk of failure on high voltage instrument transformers in the transmission system using the application of narrowband dielectric frequency response (NB DFR) on HV CVTs.
Objavljeno: 10 mart 2021
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Katalog Oprema za ispitivanje transformatora
Više stvari utiče na opšte stanje transformatora, tako da puna procena zahteva brojna ispitivanja.Megger nudi širok opseg opreme za ispitivanje transformatora u industriji, koja je sposobna da pruži najkompletniju sliku stanja transformatora.
Objavljeno: 1 februar 2021
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Measuring cable impedance with SVERKER900
This is an easy solution to measure the impedance values for cables, the values are used for calculation of compensation factor in distance protection.The compensation factor is first theoretically calculated and these values can now be compared with the measured values.
Objavljeno: 14 decembar 2020
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Preventive maintenance of rolling stock
The test and maintenance of electrical components on rolling stock is not an easy job to do. Some maintainers dismount some of the parts and bring them to a central location for revision and maintenance. This is a cumbersome and time consuming exercise. In many cases, the electrical parts are replaced only when they break down and are not subject to periodical testing. This of course holds a risk as some parts, e.g. circuit breakers, are crucial for safety reasons.
Objavljeno: 3 novembar 2020
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